Monday, January 9, 2012


Well, are you on Pinterest? I can see how it can get insanely addictive, but so far, so good. ;) I'm enjoying finding a few inspiring things. Like today, I saw this quote & loved it instantly. My husband & I both have a perfectionist streak. We noticed our sweet little first grader going through some rough patches with school when things weren't perfect with her work.

One of the things we want to stress to her is that as long as she's trying, we're happy. The original was dark & dull, but I wanted to hang it in her room, so voila! Girly colors:

It's yours, too, if you'd like it. Just download your 8x10 jpg here:

As always, please link back to this page if you'd like to share it. Artwork is for personal use only & may not be altered or resold.


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