Sunday, November 24, 2013

Christmas Clipart is Here

I've been working hard to add new Christmas Clipart in time for you to use it before Christmas is actually here! Is anyone else feeling overwhelmed this year? As soon as school started, I feel like our life has been lived in Fast Forward mode!

Well here they are!

I've been wanting to create a Nativity clipart set for awhile. This year, I finally buckled down and created a silhouette version. It's already very popular! I hope you love it!

I also have some adorable Christmas Elves Clipart--they're boys and girls with various skin tones and hair colors, etc.

And something new and super fun this year are Printable Christmas Labels or Christmas Stickers. I made one that is pretty versatile and one that is just for fun!

Looking for something specific but don't see it? Just let me know!


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