Monday, February 10, 2014

I used to blog...

Lately, we've been doing a lot of cleaning up around our home. We bought our house about 4 years ago and it's been one project after another to try to fix it up. As a result, we haven't even unpacked some boxes in the basement and the attic.

I grabbed a box full of journals and scrapbooks the other day. I thumbed through, thinking I'd just find a new place to put them... but they drew me in! I've stopped writing. I've stopped blogging. And honestly, I've stopped talking.

I've never been a talker, so it was easy to stop all these things. But we all need time to reflect on things, don't we? We need time to stop and think about our regular routine to notice what's actually happening.

I'm hoping to start blogging again on a regular basis. Let's hope I can!

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