Thursday, December 4, 2008

La La La Giveaways!!

What's better around the holidays than giveaways?! Seriously! Everyone loves getting a little something just for being fabulous. :)

Go check out Susan's Greetings and see what you can do to be entered in her giveaway for the cutest little robot hello card!

(Or maybe don't... because I'm selfish and I want that card! My daughter would probably think I was the coolest mom ever. She's on a robot kick.)


Susan Schrock said...

Thanks a bunch! And good luck!

kim* said...

my give-away will be after Christmas but its ok

Carol said...

I did it! Thanks for steering me to such a talented artist!

And feel free to visit my blog also to play the Match Game for your chance to win a genuine Rockford Red Heel Sock Monkey. Drawing dates are Dec 20 & 31, 2008

You people are going to lure me away from eBay and over to Etsy yet!

Teresa said...

Oh, cool! Thanks for the link-up! Good luck to everyone who joins! :)

SleightGirl said...

That's boyfriend's on a robot kick too!


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