Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Winner of the first Bitsy Giveaway!

The winner of the first Bitsy Giveaway is....

HELEN!  ;)

I had my daughter randomly choose from the followers of my blog & YOU, my dear are the lucky winner.  And can I just ask... do we know each other some how?  I feel some weird connection.  Call me crazy.

You'll receive one full-size package of my recycled stationery!  That's an entire set of 15 sheets & 10 envelopes.  YOU GET TO CHOOSE THE DESIGN & COLOR! ;)

Bitsy's Recycled Stationery is currently available on my website here and in my Bitsy's Greetings Etsy shop here.

And stay tuned for more great Bitsy Giveaways!  I'm not sure how frequently I'll be doing these--most likely monthly--but the next one will be a FREE custom web banner!  Woo!  Woo!  Woooo!

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