Thursday, February 19, 2009

Valentine's Day

I hope everyone had a lovely Valentine's Day! I love that holiday! I've loved it since long before I had a sweetheart with whom to share the day. I just enjoy the pinks and reds, the hearts everywhere, the excuse to express your love. ;) And I'm not usually a mushy person!!

I thought I'd share a little fun Valentine memory with you! The photo above is my husband Joshua & me a few years ago... A few years before that when he proposed to me, he put the ring in a Longaberger basket. Each year for Valentine's Day, Longaberger has a "Sweetheart" basket.

Now, the funny thing about me is that I'm a pretty simple kinda gal. I'm easy to please. I'm not much for cutesy. I like simple & clean. But give me a Longaberger catalog and I will find an excuse to buy everything in it!! Luckily, I have something called 'self-restraint' and our home is not completely full of baskets.

Well, ever since the proposal, Joshua has gotten me a Sweetheart basket each year for Valentine's Day!! I love feeling spoiled for a moment when I get this beautiful treat--even though I'm expecting it! This year, this is what our home looked like for Valentine's Day. I think I'll probably leave the baskets out like this, though. It really doesn't scream V-Day, does it?!


Barbra said...

Well, you know I love hearts and most of mine are out all year long...a...berger!! Couldn't resist!

Splendid Little Stars said...

That is a sweet story! Why can't hearts be for year-'round?!


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