Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Well apparently the BitsyCreations family was not meant to have cats.  You may have read about our new cat a few weeks ago here.  We did get him.  We brought him home & he was instantly part of our family.  We couldn't think of a name--after a few days of calling him "sweets" and "friend" and "love", we named him "Fred" because, well, if you had a smooshed in face like that, wouldn't you sound constantly congested?  Think of how you'd say, "Friend".  hehe

Fred is the sweetest little boy I've ever met--He purrs the second you even look in his direction and crawls into your lap to snuggle the isntant you sit down.  We noticed Fred's tummy was a little bloated, so we set up an appointment with the vet just thinking we'd get to meet the new doctor and set up a time to have him (the cat--not the dr.) neutured. 

Turns out dearest Fred has not only a bad hip and knee, but also has Feline Infectious Peritonitis (FIP).  It's basically a really bad virus he won't recover from.  The vet gave us a matter of months.  We've had Fred for only a few weeks, but like I said, he's already part of the family.  Not to mention it brought up all the horrible feelings of losing our Muffs all over again. :( 

I don't even know what to feel right now.  My sweet hubby reminded me that it's not US.  I know that, really I do.  I just feel like I'm being picked on.  Is that bad?  I still feel ridiculously blessed.  I have a wonderful life.  But really?  We just lost our sweet Muffs in December.  It feels like yesterday.  I can't deal with another sickie. :(


Bekah: said...

I am sad for you. That is hard news. Poor Joan!

Thinking of you!

JuliaA said...

fred sounds like such a dear...it must have been such a blow to hear that from the vet. sorry to hear it.

stfunny said...

I'm sorry to hear about Fred as well. I have six cats and I know I would be devastated by news like that. On the bright side however, at least you will get to spend a few months with him. Sounds like even a few short months with him will be worth it if he's that sweet!

Morrgan said...

Oh no! He looks like such a sweetie in the photo from before. I'm so sorry to hear this. :(

maisy said...

aww joany, that's so sad :( i'm so sorry to hear about poor fred. if his time turns out to be short, at least he enjoyed a loving home with a wonderful family. maybe you were meant to give him that. (((hugs))) to you guys and special tickles for fred x

Splendid Little Stars said...

Conflicting emotions are natural. How sad about Fred. Pets cling to our hearts and it is painful to see them suffer and to loose them. so sorry.

Ryan and Rachel said...

Joan -- good grief. I'm so sorry. Josh is right - it's definitely not you. You are fantastic smushed face cat owners. :)


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