Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Ms. Bitsy Goes to the Craft Store

So I'm really not one to complain usually... maybe you can excuse this one?

We ran to the craft store today. I usually order online--It's just so much more convenient for me, not to mention it's generally more cost-effective. But I ran out of black card stock and had to have it to finish some invitations that need to go out this week.

I didn't bother taking my son out of his carseat since we were just popping in. So it's 20+ pound baby in his car seat, 4 year old daughter who gets a little... rambunctious? while we're out and me. It's been awhile since I've been in this store so I had to drag the kids all over looking for said cardstock. Of course everything's labeled nicely EXCEPT "scrapbooking" materials. And gosh, you let me loose in a craft store and I get a little rambunctious myself! Ha! Maybe that's the real reason I shop online. So I was distracted by pretty paper, the Cricut I've been drooling over for years AND AND AND the new personal screen printer--Yudu--by Provo Craft. (Goodness, have you seen this? I want.)

So clearly I'm tired. I admit it's my own fault for the little detours to oo & ah...

But I get up to the line--there are three clerks and only two are helping people. I just go to the closest one even though he's helping someone. He finishes, I put my items on the counter and he says,

"Did you go through the line?"

And hands my daughter the stickers she'd put on the counter. By this point there were NO OTHER CUSTOMERS being helped by ANY of the three clerks. Is he kidding me?

Nope! I had to walk a few yards down to the beginning of the "line" and wait for this adorable lady to wave me to her station.



inkOBSESSIONdesigns said...

Are you kidding? Ugh! I would have been so annoyed!!!

BTW, why oh why did you have to post that link to the Yudu? I didn't even know Provo Craft had put out such a thing. You know I must have this now, right? :)

I sent some Etsy love your way this morning...I was on a blog that was asking everyone to name their favorite Etsy shop so of course I had to say you!


Bekah: said...

so if you are talking about jo**** i know just what you mean. the store here has the worst customer service. it is so frusturating!


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