Friday, July 10, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: Strawberry Moonbeam and Interlaunch

Please forgive me for being SO behind on these features! It's been a little crazy for me lately & Fridays seem to be the worst. I'm back on track though! :)

Today, I'm excited to introduce you to Kate of Strawberry Moonbeam on Etsy and Kate, a self-taught web designer and crafter is mom to three girls! She mostly knits and crochets soft toys & accessories but she also tats, spins, sews, and makes paper. She's been doing freelance web development for about two years.

Take a look at some of her adorable creations in her Etsy shop:
Isn't Edward the Elephant just too cute for words?! Kate is like the moms I met when I was younger who inspired me to open my own business. She says this of being a work at home mom:
I have never liked the idea of working while someone else brings up my children so I've stayed home with them almost all their lives, apart from a short stint in an office job which wasn't really for me. Being stuck at home a lot while they were little, I used my free time to learn things I was interested in, including web development. I realised I could make a living from my new-found skills, and started looking for freelance work. I don't always get projects as often as I need to, so I added crafts into the mix and started an etsy store to supplement my income. Now I'm hoping to grow my etsy store and my own websites to a point where I no longer need to take on freelance web projects.

I was inspired by women like this who take their free time and teach themselves valuable skills! Kate says she's lucky that knitting and crocheting are so portable! They have memberships to various museums, etc. so she can do her work on the way there or at the park while the girls play, etc.

Kate says she's very organized by nature, but she does suggest the 'Getting Things Done" system by David Allen. She has tweaked a few things to better suit her needs and then built a website to handle her goals and to do list! She uses Doesn't that look incredibly helpful?! I've already suggested it to a few people!

Kate has goals to move in a more organic direction with her products. She hopes to create using organic, natural, undyed products. And here's my favorite part: she hopes to even have a her own sheep or alpaca at some point in the future!

Make sure to stop by Strawberry Moonbeam for a lovely variety of hand knit, crocheted & sewn toys, bags and accessories!

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