Friday, August 21, 2009

SuperMom of Summer: Baby Things by Jessica

Well, our summer is coming to a close here. It sounds like we're hanging on a little longer than others! My sweet Bitsy #1 doesn't start school until after Labor Day! Lucky us! :)

I've thoroughly enjoyed my little excuse to get to know more work-at-home-moms! How inspiring! I wish I could have included more. There is so much knowledge out there from experienced work at home moms.

Today, I am 100% thrilled to bring you Baby Things by Jessica. Bitsy #2 wore these fantastic shoes for months and months until he grew out of them! I loved them so much! They kept his little feet warm & cozy and, of course, stylish! How handsome!

I've since found any excuse to pass along Jessica's name. Luckily, I'm at that stage in my life where it seems EVERYONE is having a baby. So guess what all my friends and family have gotten? Birth announcements from me! And then a little gift will arrive in the mail with these adorable little shoes. With so many different styles to choose from in Jessica's shop, I feel like it's such a personal gift! I get to choose the one I feel that particular family will love best.

Jessica is a work at home mom of two (4 and 1) and started her Etsy shop after her daughter (#2) was born. She says, "My husband was actually the one to suggest that I sell my little shoes there. He also designs the occasional shoe and has a welcomed creative male design perspective that I think my over the top girly side lacks. I really feel that he helps to balance my shoe designs and I often hear comments about the fact that I carry so many boy styles of shoes."

Jessica says she learned to sew at a very young age from her mom. What a wonderful lesson she learned. I, for one, am thrilled she makes these adorable little shoes, but I know I'm not the only one. Jessica humbly says, "I made about ten pairs and nervously opened [my shop] with dim hopes of success. I am still dumbfounded that so many have given me such a wonderful response. I am truly grateful to the Etsy community and feel proud to be part of such a cool hand-made movement."


La La La Leah said...

its crazy people can make things and people pay money for them. It blows my mind. I am jealous I can't make crap.

Beth said...

I'm in love with those little shoes!!

Barbra said...

Wish I needed those adorable!

paperwhite said...

Darling shoes!


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