Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween, everyone! I hope you all have fun! I'm a little sad that we are in a very rural area right now... unless the cows decide to go door-to-door, we won't have trick-or-treaters this year!
The great news is that I just dropped Bitsy #1 off at her Preschool party & got to enjoy lots of adorable little costumes on some of the sweetest little people I've ever met.
We also have plans to go to our church "trunk-or-treat" this evening. Seriously, whoever thought of this idea should get some sort of award. We have a big potluck (usually I'm 100% frightened of potlucks but this one is a chili cook-off--yay!!) and a few indoor games. Then some families decorate their car trunks and the kids walk from car to car. SO nice for the little ones who get tuckered out from walking around neighborhoods.
If the kids make it through all of that I think we'll stop by our old neighborhood to say hello to old neighbors.
Wish us luck!!

A Halloween from a few years ago--My little Piglet & Me.

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Molly Lou Gifts said...

What an adorable little picture! She is so darn cute.

Mini #1's party was yesterday and it was so fun. Can't wait to hear all about Bitsy #1's day.

We had our church's trunk-or-treat last weekend and you are right...huge success and GENIUS idea.

Enjoy your weekend.


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