Monday, November 30, 2009

Texting While Driving

Call me a purist, but I stand by my decision to not live on my cell phone. I carry it with me frequently in case of emergency and for Mr. Bitsy to check in. (Yup, I miss him like crazy during the day & adore those lunch-time phone calls.)

This holiday season, I'm sure a lot of us will be traveling. Please, please, please stop texting while driving. I just don't understand this one. What could possibly be so important that you need to text while you are DRIVING?

The kids and I were out a few weeks ago and were almost side-swiped by a very large furniture truck. Guess what I saw when I passed said truck. That's right. The driver was texting. And very often, we'll be stuck behind someone who seems to be driving drunk only to find him or her chatting away on a cell phone.

My family & I would be very grateful if you'd put the cell phones, etc. away while you were driving.


Carrie said...


John Rob said...

Texting is not as important as my life. I do not type text messages while driving. I use the free version of mobile application on my BlackBerry Storm2.

susie said...

Is it bad that the word that describes illegitimate children is the one word that comes to my mind to describe people who text while drive and almost hit you, or the hombre who my husband works for? I mean really, is that bad? It's not if it's accurate, right?


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