Monday, April 12, 2010

A Magic Wand

(image from flickr)

One day last week, Bitsy #1 (who is 5 years old) came home from school and said, "Mrs. H broke her magic wand." I told her that was too bad, that she'd have to find a new one.

There was a pause.

And Bitsy #1 said, "I have so many. I think I'll give her one of mine."
I quickly tried to swallow back tears, gave her a kiss on the forehead, and told her what a wonderful idea that was.

So the next time she went to school, she packed up her extra wand in her backpack. When we got there, her teachers greeted her and Mrs. H said, "What is the magic wand for?"

Bitsy #1 stood there for a moment, clearly collecting courage and said, "I had an extra one and wanted you to have this since yours broke."

And of course, there I stood at the doorway... crying like baby, but smiling bigger than I thought possible. What an amazing little girl. The truly remarkable thing is that I KNOW I did not teach her this. It is one of her God-given gifts: to NOTICE that someone has a need, see if she can fill it, and if she can fill it, follow through. I know adults who can't do this and here she is, a sweet and innocent little 5 year old, helping others.


Beth said...

Oh my goodness she is so sweet! That brought a tear to my eye and she isn't even mine! :) It is probably in her nature but I wouldn't doubt that it also has to do with her parents being kind and caring as well.

Bekah: said...

What a sweet, tender moment. So glad you were able to see it.

She sounds a whole lot like someone I know and love... YOU!

Angela said...

AW!! That is so sweet! Made tears come in my eyes just reading it.


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