Friday, July 16, 2010

Daughter's Room: Why I Love Etsy

As I'm sure you've read, our recently purchased first home is quite a fixer-upper. We are in love with it despite the amount of work needed. Luckily, most of the projects can be done little-by-little, one room at a time.

We have Bitsy #1's room almost there! The big project left is to replace the closet doors. All the closet doors in our house are full length (up to the ceiling) sliding particle board. Yuck.

But as I looked around the almost-complete room, I realized how much I love Etsy. Let me show you what I mean:
Embellished lanterns from the lovely Chic EMbellish. (You can sort of see those nasty closet doors.)

Adorable artwork from Electric Bluebird, found so long ago I don't think she even does artwork anymore--awesome clothes, though! (And the sweet little dancers are from the Kennedy Center--not Etsy.) ;)

Awesome and ridiculously functional hair bow holder from Princess MiMi Designs! Not to mention it's filled with tons of bows & barrettes from Etsy shops like Love 2 Sparkle Boutique and Celeste & Co.

And we had so much fun with this project! We grabbed some old picture frames from Grandma & covered them with fabric from This and That From Japan. We had such a hard time deciding on fabric because her selection is HUGE and very, very unique.
(The middle one is actually some extra we had around here, though. We have red toile curtains in other parts of the house, so we thought the pink toile here was an excellent way to tie things together.)

I'm so happy with how everything came together. I honestly didn't expect to love all this pink, but a beautiful dusty rose shade changed my mind. (My photos and a cloudy day did not do this color justice.) It's so wonderful to think back on how I met some of the women behind these Etsy shops. A few came to me for design work & we became fast friends and I get to enjoy the amazing talent out there every time we're in this room now!


aiman said...

hey nice room!....etsy sure does have lots of interesting stuff!...i too love etsy....n will soon b opening a store:)

susie said...

I love it all! I'm hiring you to come down and decorate my new house when we get a new house in a few years and have enough money to hire you. Love it all!

Morrgan said...

Awwww, it's so lovely! All those unique little touches. :)


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