Monday, September 27, 2010

Have a Handmade Holiday

With the leaves starting to turn color and fall off the trees, I've started thinking about how to make my holiday season special this year. We do a handful of traditional things in our family that help reinforce to our children the true meaning of Christmas. I love this time of gift-giving, though!

I've been a little overwhelmed with our toy "situation" the past few months. The toys seem to multiply overnight! I definitely don't want to stock up on more of the same old toys this year. So as I've been thinking about what to do for my own children, I thought I'd share what I have come across!

Do you know about all the patterns available on Etsy? Countless shops with talented owners make their own patterns for you to use. From knitting patterns to sewing patterns to print-your-own paper products, you're sure to find something that will make a great gift for your kids or something you can make WITH your children for friends & family. The best part is we'll definitely be saving money & creating a keepsake in the process.

So look back here for links to some amazing printables & patterns!

By Category:

Sewing patterns

Felt Tool Set by FairyFox

Make sure you check out the awesome giveaway at The Vines Branches, too! The information about it is in the Shop Announcement at

Max the Owl by Ginia18

Knitting patterns
Carnaby Rabbit by Fluff & Fuzz


Bekah: said...

I love this. I've been thinking about it a lot too. I want to vear away from a commercial Christmas. And we too DO NOT need MORE toys! We try to keep it small and simple each year by giving the girls 3 gifts representing the three wiseman. This year, I want to simplify even more. I am working on catching up on all of our Blurb books. They love to look through pictures and I cannot wait to give them a tangabile book! I love the idea of a handmade Christmas! Keep sharing the inspirational ideas!

couponboa said...

I love visiting etsy stores, and, the pictures you have featured here look so cute and adorable. we have also featured some interviews of store owners at etsy.

Keep it up.

Best Regards,
Unique Photo Birth Announcements

Amanda Berry said...

Thank you so much for including my Carnaby rabbit in your wonderful blog!

Barbra said...

Bitsy #1 is in kindergarten? No way!!!! And how is #2?
Hugs to you!


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