Friday, November 19, 2010

Thanksgiving "Casualties"

Well, it happened a bit early this year, but it came nonetheless: The Thanksgiving Casualty.

Does this happen to anyone else? You're busy baking & cooking and in the kitchen constantly, enjoying the holiday smells until...

...something breaks.

I was trying out a new pie recipe this morning. We have a very tiny, galley kitchen. I usually don't mind it much even though I always said I wanted a large kitchen since we enjoy cooking & baking. It's hard to get some things off the shelves & as I pulled out the pie dish, down came my favorite Longaberger Star Dish.

Definitely no repairing this one! It's funny how I'm such a fan of my little Longaberger collection. I never thought I would be that type of collector... it's a little too 'country' style for me. But they all remind me of my sweet Joshua. When he proposed, he put my engagement ring in a Sweetheart Basket from Longaberger.

So maybe I'll replace it & maybe I won't. The important thing is we still have our memories. And we'll make new ones this Thanksgiving & Christmas season. Hope it's a great holiday season for you all!

1 comment:

susie said...

Joan, I love those plates, they're beautiful! And what a great way to propose. I don't blame you for liking them. I know they're not plates, what's the better word?


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